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Make your pictures talk!

At Make M Talk we can take a digital photo of your pet, your baby, your stuffed animal or even your mother in-law and make them talk. Not only can we make them talk, we can make them say anything you want.

Hello and welcome to Make M Talk.Com. At Make M Talk.Com we can take your digital photos and make them talk.

That's right, we can take that cute photo of your dog and have it say hello , happy birthday, or congratulations to all your friends and family. Take that photo of your new born baby and make it say hello to the new grandparents. Take a photo of your child's favorite stuffed animal and have it explain why he shouldn't use his crayons on the walls. You can even take a photo of that new sports car you want and have it explain to your wife how much you love her and why she should let you get it.

You can be as creative as you like and have all kinds of fun with your photos.

All you need is a digital photo file in .JPG format and a script of of what you would like your picture to say. If you like we can use a digital recording of your own voice. This recording must be in a .WAV or .MP3 format.

For just $39.95 (USD) you will receive:

  • A download link via e-mail. You will be able to download a high quality .AVI file. (Playable on any windows PC)
  • A link to our website where your video can be seen for 30 days. You can e-mail this link to your friends and family. There will also be a download link so that anyone can down load the file.
If you like we will send you both a CD with your .AVI file and a DVD with your video for just an additional $10.00. You can make copies of these for anyone you like. You can even upload your video to YouTube.Com or other video sharing sites.

These videos make great gifts and will put a smile on anyone's face for years to come.

Please look at our video samples and hints page before you place your order. **You must have your photo file (.JPG) and if you choose your audio file (.WAV of MP3) on your computer and ready to upload before you place your order.

Remember if you got the photo we can

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